PFrank is an acronym for Peter's Flexible RenAmiNg Kit. This is a Freeware Professional Grade bulk file/folder Renaming Program that runs under Windows. With this tool you can easily organize your music, picture, video, or any other types of files. Although PFrank is primarily designed for Renaming, it also has the following capabilities:

PFrank is second to none when it comes to renaming. It is equipped with many features, some of which you won't find on any other renaming program. The beauty of this tool is it's flexibility. You can easily build any renaming command sequence you like, preview all of the results, press the rename button, and you're done!
No other renaming program has the flexibility of PFrank!

With other renaming programs I used in the past, they had to be run with multiple passes using different sets of renaming sequences until finally getting the required names. That was the motivation for writing PFrank. With PFrank you can set things up so that you get the exact names that you want in one pass!
If you are having trouble renaming your files then you could check out the Forums or contact me directly for assistance.
In fact, I challenge anyone to come up with a reasonable renaming request that cannot be done with PFrank.
Unreasonable requests can now also be handled by PFrank! (click here for details)

Check out the 5 star ratings and reviews at: Read the Softpedia editor review!        5 Free Software to Bulk Change Case of Filenames

The latest official version of PFrank is

This software has been continuously improved since its introduction in January, 2005. If you are using any releases before , then it would definitely be worth upgrading so you can take advantage of the latest enhancements.

The list of available features is too extensive to list on the main page. A comprehensive list can be found here

Let me know if you find any problems or have suggestions for improvements!

Automated regression tests are used before every release to ensure that the core functionality of PFrank is reliable. Scanning and renaming is tested in folder hierarchies containing several hundred thousand files. The utmost care is taken to ensure that PFrank releases are of the highest quality.

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